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“Study of a Young Married Couple in Hobby Lobby” peeps in at a young married couple’s home life. 


The soundtrack for this short story was taken from the Free Music Archive at freemusicarchive.org, an amazing community of artists that set out to help one another through the sharing of their art.  All three tracks are original pieces by Axletree, who also goes by the name Alexander Westmacott.  More music from Axletree is available at the Free Music Archive or their website at axletreewood.com.  I have a link in this story’s description where you can head over to his webpage.  A sincere thank you to the artist and FreeMusicArchive.org for the contribution.  This track is being used under a Creative Commons attribution share alike license 4.0.

All sound effects were taken from Freesound.org, another community dedicated to bettering audio art.  User Jmayoff created the grocery store sounds, user JohnsonBrandEditing provided the parking lot sounds, user Fillsoko recorded the handwashing sounds, and user IESP brough the toilet flushing sounds to the story.  Thank you to these contributors for enlivening the story.  These sounds are being used under a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal, Public Domain Dedication license. 


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