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“Nogal” features a leap into forgiveness and death intertwined. 


The first and last backing track for this story you hear is an original by David Ezell, written specifically for this story.  David Ezell is a devoted father, a devoted creator, a devoted friend, and a devoted friend of the Republic, not to mention an extremely talented musician.  Long ago, in our heyday, he and I used to make some pretty good music together.  His most current project is Dad Hacks, where he gives voice to a community of dads who have learned the tips and shortcuts of parenting and now want to share that with any and all parents, grandparents step-parents, or guardians that find themselves struggling in the midst of the parenting grind. To find more about Dad Hacks, you can find them at Dad Hacks podcast on Facebook and under Dad Hacks on iTunes, Bluebrry, Stitcher, Google Play, and other similar podcast catchers.   You will hopefully be hearing more music from Mr. Ezell quite soon.  The second track was taken from the Free Music Archive at freemusicarchive.org, an amazing community of artists that set out to help one another through the sharing of their art.  The title of the rack is “You, yourself and the main character” by Komiku, and it is being used under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication License. Lastly, though most of the sound effects present are original for Prose made by me, some of the drums that are not mine or Mr. Ezell’s, those accompanied by that beautiful piano melody, come from Freesound.org, another wonderful artistic community based on sharing.  These sounds were uploaded and put out for Public Domain Dedication usage by user Sound_Designer_105.   I cannot begin to thank these artists enough, particularly Mr. Ezell.  With these sound effects and music tracks, Prose is far richer.


Next up on Prose, “Gravediggers,” the last story in our series from Nicholas B. Morris.   Stay tuned.

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