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In “Gravediggers,” find yourself two feet in the grave.



Nicholas B. Morris grew up in Arkansas but fell in love with Colorado. His stories and other assorted writings have been published in The Harpoon ReviewCliteratureConnotation PressDanse Macabre Online, and Nebo. He has published two short story collections, the full-length Tapeworm and the chapbook The Boy in the Well, both with the now sadly defunct Monkey Puzzle Press. (You can buy copies of Tapeworm from him directly on Amazon.) He works in his dream job as Assistant Professor of Humanities at the Community College of Denver and watches endless re-runs of Star Trek with his partner Alyssa Piccinni.

Mr. Morris tweets at @totallynotNickM. 

Caleb Hicks produced the original audio for the narrative.  He and Mr. Morris worked closely together on the spoke album of Mr. Morris’s stories called The Boy in the Well.

The backing tracks for “Gravediggers” were taken from the Free Music Archive at freemusicarchive.org, an amazing community of artists that set out to help one another through the sharing of their art.  The track is called “Pompeii” and is by Josh Woodward.  If you have yet to make it over and check out his website at joshwoodward.com, you’re really missing out.  This track is being used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The second track is called “Exiled in the Land of Absentees” and is by adarcah [ianku].  This track is being used under an Attribution 4.0 International License.  Lastly, the piano improvisation comes from another fantastic community based on artistic sharing?Freesound.org.  The improv is provided by user unfa.  A sincere thank you to all of these artists for sharing their work with the world and to both the Free Music Archive and Freesound.org for the contributions. 


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