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In “My Little Creatures,” meet some individuals with imagination.



Alena Abrosimova is originally from Tomsk, Russia (think Siberia, not to be confused with Serbia) but currently resides in Sydney, Australia.  She sails as much as she can, though she is often interrupted by a pesky full-time job. When not sailing or working, she enjoys writing, reading, learning new things (especially all things impractical), and getting to know people, especially positive people who share her unending curiosity about our world.  You can see more from Ms. Abrosimova at her blog “Sails and Commas,” found at sailsandcommas.wordpress.com.


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Both backing tracks come from PC III.  The first is titled “Through the Storm” and the second is titled “Klichi.” Both were taken from the Free Music Archive and are being used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  Thank you to PC III and the Free Music Archive for their contribution.

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