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 Experience a deified old man in “The Sweetness of Sugar Grove, or Matthew 25: 40-41”


The backing track for this story is an original composition written and performed by David Ezell, the second piece Mr. Ezell has written specifically and exclusively for a Prose story.  David Ezell is a devoted father, a devoted creator, a devoted friend, and a devoted friend of the Republic, not to mention an extremely talented musician.  As I have noted before, long ago, in our heyday, he and I used to make some pretty good music together.  His previous project was a podcast called Dad Hacks, where he gave voice to a community of dads who have learned the tips and shortcuts of parenting and now want to share that with any and all parents, grandparents step-parents, or guardians that find themselves struggling in the midst of the parenting grind. To find more about Dad Hacks, you can find them at Dad Hacks podcast on Facebook and under Dad Hacks on iTunes, Bluebrry, Stitcher, Google Play, and other similar podcast catchers.   He is currently working on a new podcast, which I’m sure I’ll tell everyone about in the very near future.  You will hopefully be continue to hear more music from Mr. Ezell behind my stories sooner than later.

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