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Hello and welcome to episode twenty-two of Prose.


This week’s episode, like last week’s,  is quite a bit different than your average episode of Prose.  The first three parts of the episode are entries in a mini-series called “Easter Loves History” that was a part of another series of mine called Thumbnail History.  So, yes, it’s yet another deviation from our norm, and, yes, I am, yet again, hoping you’ll be up for the ride once more.


If you are enjoying the show, its deviations, and/or anything in between, or even if you are not, please to feel free to contact me through prosepodcast@gmail.com with anything you might want to say, be it praise, critique, advice, or simply saying hello.  You can also keep up with or communicate with the podcast by following Prose on Twitter through @prosepodcast or on Facebook under the same handle, though Twitter is the far more active of the two.


Lastly, it would not be an introduction if I did not tell you to head over to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or the podcast-catcher of your choice and leave a rating and/or review for Prose.  Let’s see some reviews and ratings come rolling in.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to Prose.  Let’s get to the pieces, shall we?


This week, we have ” Easter Loves History: Tiglath-Pilessar III,” “Easter Loves History: Charlemagne,” “Easter Loves History: The Battle of the Milvian Bridge,” and the traditional Biblical Easter Story.  Happy Easter.




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