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Hello and welcome to episode twenty-three of Prose.


This week, practice heroism in the steam room of a gym, witness Jesus Christ curse a man by resurrecting him, and bear witness to the execution of a witch.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a bit more normal for Prose, well, you guessed it correctly?we are back to our regular tales.  Thank you for enjoying the holiday special and allowing me that little deviation from our norm.  This isn’t our only treat though; Nicholas B. Morris joins Prose again for another short story this week.  We’ll hopefully continue to hear stories from Mr. Morris interspersed throughout our terrific tale traversing.  To toss out another thank you, I appreciate the kind words and advice offered as I continue to better my equipment and the recording processes.  You’re ears are not deceiving you. Prose continues to grow, both via equipment and my own knowledge.  Again, your patience and encouragement in that are greatly appreciated.


If you are enjoying the show, its deviations, and/or anything in between, or even if you are not, please to feel free to contact me through prosepodcast@gmail.com with anything you might want to say, be it praise, critique, advice, or simply saying hello.  You can also keep up with or communicate with the podcast by going to prosepodcast.com or following Prose on Twitter through @prosepodcast or on Facebook under the same handle, though Twitter is the far more active of the two.


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Thank you for taking the time to listen to Prose.  Let’s get to the pieces, shall we?


This week, we have “A Quick Steam,” “Lazarus, After the Miracle” by Nicholas B. Morris, and “The Omega.”



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