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Say bye-bye to citrus fruits, but not humor, in “The Rotten State.”


The backing track for this story is an original composition written and performed by David Ezell, the third piece Mr. Ezell has written specifically and exclusively for a Prose story.  David Ezell is a devoted father, a devoted creator, a devoted friend, and a devoted defender of the Republic, not to mention an extremely talented musician.  As I have noted before, long ago, in our heyday, he and I used to make some pretty good music together.  He is currently working for podcasts and various other media to create and edit audio with his company SoundProof Editing.  If you have any digital audio needs, contact him via email at soundproofaudioediting@gmail.com.  Also, keep your eyes peeled, ears sharp, and be on the ready for even more music from Mr. Ezell sooner than later.

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