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Hear a letter of love from a father to his soon-to-be-born daughter in “A Letter to My Unborn Daughter” by Jeff Glauser. 


Jeff Glauser is a freelance writer, digital marketing, and public relations professional. Over the past twenty years, his works have been featured in dozens of publications around the world, including regular contributions for the Associated Press and Bleacher Report. Jeff has previously served as an adjunct professor of Composition and Creative Writing. He currently lives in St. Augustine, Florida with his family.


 The track behind Mr. Glauser’s story this week was taken from the Free Music Archive. It is titled “Lullaby” which comes from the album Yearning and is by Podington Bear.   The track is being used under an Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported License.  A million thanks to Free Music Archive and Podington Bear for sharing this music with the world.

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