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Hello and welcome to episode twenty-seven of Prose.


This week, experience the importance of an oboe, ponder love, and use that 20/20 hindsight that is so very crystal clear.


Episode 27 is an important one, firstly, as Prose‘s six month anniversary hits between it and Episode 28.  The actual date is Wednesday, May 24, so expect a special Prose surprise coming your way that day.  Secondly, we have the first story featured by my very own father Henry Iverson Magee and the third and final story in the three-part mini-feature of Jeff Glauser’s work. 


As always, I hope that you all know that you should feel free to contact me through prosepodcast@gmail.com with anything you might want to say, be it praise, critique, advice, or simply saying hello.  You can also keep up with or communicate with the podcast by going to prosepodcast.com or following Prose on Twitter through @prosepodcast or on Facebook under the same handle, though Twitter is the far more active of the two.


Please do head on over to iTunes and leaving a rating and/or review for Prose.  These ratings and reviews help your friends and others find the podcast, and they ensure it can continue ever-forward.


Thank you for making Prose part of your day.  Let’s get to the pieces, shall we?


This week, we have “Charlie Played His Oboe” by my father Henry Iverson Magee, “Love’s Imperfections” by Jeff Glauser, and “Graduated Realizations.”



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