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Analyze the importance of opening doors in “Open the Door” by Alena Abrosimova & featuring Abigail Lambert.


Alena Abrosimova is originally from Tomsk, Russia (think Siberia, not to be confused with Serbia) but currently resides in Sydney, Australia.  She sails as much as she can, though she is often interrupted by a pesky full-time job. When not sailing or working, she enjoys writing, reading, learning new things (especially all things impractical), and getting to know people, especially positive people who share her unending curiosity about our world.  You can see more from Ms. Abrosimova at her blog “Sails and Commas,” found at sailsandcommas.wordpress.com.


This blog's author


Abigail Lambert is a student, a singer, a dancer, a Gemini, an all around artiste.  She’s lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in the wilds of northwest Massachusetts.  When high school isn’t keeping her busy, Ms. Lambert enjoys passing her time in the company of Netflix and spending time with her family and friends. Prose plans on featuring Ms. Lambert on at least one more story.  If I can convince her to continue pursuing voice acting, narration, and sound editing, we’ll see her popping up even more often. That would be a win for us all!


The track behind this story comes from MusOpen at musopen.org. Musopen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on increasing access to music by creating free resources and educational materials. They provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. As they say, their mission is to set music free.  The title of the piece is “Russian Easter Festival Overture, Op. 36” was composed by Nikolai-Rimsky-Korsakov and was performed by the Musopen Symphony.  The piece is being used under a Public Domain Mar, 1.0 License. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first little foray into dual narration and production, and we can’ tell you how much we appreciate your patience as we learn together.  Ms. Lambert will be back again on a track next week. For now, we’ll move along to a story by our beloved guest author Nicholas B. Morris.

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