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Meet Mother Earth’s keepers in “The Eye” by Katherine Harkins and featuring Abigail Lambert.


Katherine Harkins is a Massachusetts girl born and bred.  After attending American University in Washington DC, she has been traveling and teaching ever since, with major stints in Spain and California.  She spends most of her time obsessing over her beloved dog Béni and a variety of video games and television series. 





Abigail Lambert is a student, a singer, a dancer, a Gemini, an all around artiste.  She’s lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in the wilds of northwest Massachusetts.  When high school isn’t keeping her busy, Ms. Lambert enjoys passing her time in the company of Netflix and spending time with her family and friends. Prose plans on featuring Ms. Lambert on at least one more story.  If I can convince her to continue pursuing voice acting, narration, and sound editing, we’ll see her popping up even more often. That would be a win for us all!



All sound effects and backing tracks for this story were made in house by Prose


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