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Hello and welcome to episode thirty of Prose.


This week is the episode in which we contemplate suicide, imperfection, and how to rid your property of dog-headed men.


Last week, we had our guest host Abigail Lambert’s stamp on everything.  Unfortunately, she’ll not be back with us for a while, but please do keep the kind emails and comments rolling in, as they meant the world to her and will encourage her to join us on Prose again in the nearer future.


I have two quick notes for this week.


First, I always try to have episodes marked as explicit, so parents and those sensitive to adult content of all sorts, ranging from violence to sexuality to explicit language and more, can listen to those stories that they feel most comfortable consuming.  That being said, the first two stories for this week are quite dark and touch on some tough subject matter.  A great deal of stories featured here DO, so please let this serve as a reminder that you really do need to ensure you avoid any episodes marked as Explicit. 


Second, Prose will be coming to you from New York City, Dublin and other large chunks of Ireland, and Boston in the coming couple weeks.  If anything is off or a bit wonky, I apologize in advance.  I’m trying my best to guarantee smooth releases, but we all know how that went when I was in the Philippines!  Point being, this is my advance mea culpa and apology if anything is a bit odd these next two to three weeks.


I’ve said this many times before now, but let me just repeat: if any listeners fancy themselves authors and would like to contribute to the podcast, please email me possible submissions at prosepodcast@gmail.com or submit them via prosepodcast.com. Moreover, feel free to send anything you might want to say, be it praise, critique, advice, or simply saying hello.  You can also keep up with or communicate with the podcast by going to prosepodcast.com or following Prose on Twitter through @prosepodcast or on Facebook under the same handle, though Twitter is the far more active of the two.  And, guess what! Prose officially has an Instagram account, too.  So,  if you want strange pictures that sometimes accompany stories but most often are just random and fun, follow the podcast through @prosepodcast there on Instagram.


Surely you know what time it is now?  Time to head over to iTunes and leave a rating and/or review for Prose.  These ratings and reviews help your friends and others find the podcast, and they ensure it can continue ever-forward.


Thank you for making Prose part of your day.  Let’s get to the pieces, shall we?


This week, we have “Bless You, John,  for Giving Me the Courage”, “Perfection”, and “Downward Dog: Why Dog-Faced Men Frequent Your Property.”



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