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Hello and welcome to episode thirty-two of Prose.


This week fear old age, learn about a legendary Irish king, and enjoy some poetry.


This week, Prose is coming to you from Massachusetts once more, but only just barely.  So, if things are a bit shorter this week and posting a bit later in the day, it’s because of my attempts to get back to a US schedule. The show this week consists of one short story, one thumbnail history, and one set of poems, all with a bit of an Irish bent.  Also, just to serve as a reminder, prosepodcast.com seems to be having some major issues.  I pray you’ll have patience if you use the site often.  And, by all means, as I plead last week, if there are any WordPress gurus out there listening, shoot me a message prosepodcast@gmail.com.  


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This week, we have “The Old Man and the Old Woman,” “Thumbnail History: Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig, a.k.a. Brian Boru,” and Three WB Yeats Poems.



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