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Hello and welcome to episode thirty-three of Prose.


This week join me for some breakfast and take a second look at the oft vilified Herod the Great, of Biblical fame.


This week, I have several announcements regarding Prose.  So, let’s hop right in.


Firstly, as you may have noticed in my mini-description, we only have two short stories this week.  This is in part due to the July 4th holiday coming around here in the states and one part me not wanting to rush as story that I want to do and do well for all of you.  I hope you’ll grant me this deviation.

Secondly, some major announcements regarding Prose will be coming your way in the next week or two.  So, I hope that you’ll continue to listen to these introductory episodes, just so we can all stay on the same page regarding our beloved shared walks through fiction.


Thirdly, just as a reminder, prosepodcast.com continues to have major issues.  I pray you’ll continue to have patience if you use the site often.  And, by all means, as I plead last week, if there are any WordPress gurus out there listening, shoot me a message prosepodcast@gmail.com.   I am hoping to have this cleared up no later than Episode 35, here in about two weeks.


Fourthly, I have continued to be asked about possibly setting up funding possibilities via Patreon or similar services.  Yes, I am working on these ideas.  No, I don’t have a date for when this might launch.  Much along the lines of Aaron Mahnke of Lore, Mike Duncan of Revolutions and The History of Rome, and other podcaster heroes of mine, I refuse to simply ask for handouts.  That means I have to come up with some cool extra content and/or merch for any fans of Prose that might be considering supporting the show financially.  I appreciate the interest, and I promise, I’m working on it!


Lastly, please, Please, PLEASE follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as this can help the podcast get noticed.  Even more importantly, please go to iTunes and leave a rating and/or review for Prose.  Ratings and reviews set this show up for continuing into the future. 


This week, we have “Breakfast” and “The Boy.” 



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