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Hello and welcome to episode thirty-five of Prose.


This week, reassess morality, life priorities, and what gives meaning to a young life at the party of a lifetime and continue the journey toward fighting back against an incoming alien horde at Academy Prime with the residents of Primrose 33.   


One note about the first story this week, Episode 35.1, it is the first story in quite some time that is actually rather graphic, so if you or any little ears nearby are easily by coarse language or explicit, casual sexuality, please consider this particular episode not at all for you.  Use your discretion.


Just as a reminder from last week, for the time being, the summer’s episodes will consist of only two stories, though I plan on leaping back into the three stories per episode format in September. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record for the third week in a row, Patreon and prosepodcast.com are still undergoing major construction/reconstruction. However, I do have a nice update in regards to the latter.  The website should be fully up and functional just in time for me to head off to Oxford for a summer course, so for those that follow along via the website?it’s coming!


As per always, I toss out the entreaty for all of you to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as this can help the podcast get noticed.  Even more importantly, please go to iTunes and leave a rating and/or review for Prose.  Ratings and reviews set this show up for continuing into the future. 


Okay.  Enough chatting.  Let’s get to the tales, shall we?


This week, we have “The Magdalene” and “Sonbol: Part II ? Persenche”



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