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Hello and welcome to episode thirty-seven of Prose.


This week, consider the divinity of that girl you love and remember that smiles do not equivocate happiness.


In case you missed the memo last week, instead of taking two weeks off for my summer course at Oxford, I have elected to have some shorter offerings here on Prose.  So, for episodes thirty-six and thirty-seven, this has, indeed, been the case.  Additionally, these episodes are coming to you having been preprogrammed, so I pray that all is well with them upon delivery.  I also hope that you will all forgive me for not rushing the next edition of “Sonbol” out to you.  I don’t want to mar the story, hence the slow going.  Short of some oddities springing up while I’m overseas, the show should be back with at least another short episode and/or update for episode thirty-eight.  Again, my deepest thanks for your patience.

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Let’s get to the short but potent poems we’re featuring this week, shall we?


This week, we have “To Be Divine” and “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson.



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