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Hello and welcome to episode forty-four of Prose.

This week, begin an epic journey into the world?of ants.

The story this week is actually the first of a multi-part series for Prose based on the novella by guest author Jack Lee entitled.  This marks the first time that Prose has tackled a work of this size, depth, or length, and I hope that you will all enjoy what will become an ambitious journey together with the characters that Mr. Lee has brought to life.

Though I’m moving away from the stories I wrote during Inktober, I still want to encourage any artists, writers, or other creators out in the world to take on a challenge of creating for thirty-one days in a row.  It’s a healthy exercise and certainly one worth undertaking. 

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Thanks for listening.  Let’s get to the tales, shall we?

This week we have Ants of Fire: The Legend of Telo ? Part I: “The Selection.”


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