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Hello and welcome to episode forty-seven of Prose.

This week, get a second chance at youth and vitality if you’ll swallow a space worm and see what happens to our intrepid explorers, Nurse and Telo, after the adrenaline of taking down some big game from last week’s adventure.

I’m sure everyone is fully aware that we’re tackling a New Years Eve episode, though this is coming out quite early to be labeled as such.  Still, keep your eyes open for other potential surprises beyond our general episodes, and do ring in 2018 safely and surrounded by those you love and that love you in return. 

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Thanks for listening.  Let’s get to the tales, shall we? 

This week we have “Slim Worms for Sale Now!” and Ants of the Fire: The Legend of Telo ? Parts V and VI: “Arguments” and “The Sound.”


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