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Hello and welcome to episode fifty-one of Prose.

This week, plan a holiday direct to your brain and figure out the way of the new world with Telo as she meets some new potential friends.

I have no special messages this week save my usual pleading with you all:  I hope that you’ll all go follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as this can help the podcast get noticed; but, I truly beg you even more to head over  to iTunes and leave a rating and/or review for Prose.  Ratings and reviews set this show up for continuing into the future.  For easiest access to the show, subscribe using iTunes, Google Play, or whatever podcast catcher is your favorite.  Just as a side note, access via Spotify is in the works, for those asking!

Thanks for listening. 

This week we have “Holidaymaker” and Ants of the Fire: The Legend of Telo  Parts XIII and XIV titled “The Others” and “The Madness.”

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