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Hello and welcome to episode fifty-seven of Prose. 

This week, define home and confront some roaches and maybe even an incoming terror or two in the continuation of Jack Lee’s Ants of Fire: The Legend of Telo

I do want to toss a few quick updates out while I have your ear.  Firstly, for those that follow on Instagram, you’ve seen that I have been purchasing some new equipment to upgrade the Pose studio, particularly in the hope of beginning to produce all sounds and music in-house.  You’ll begin hearing those sounds in the next 4-8 weeks of productions.  Be kind as I learn.  Secondly, I am reevaluating my hosting service, so prosepodcast.com might see some major fluctuations or just out and out changes in the next month or three.  Thirdly, as you might notice, today’s episode is all in one piece.  I’m experimenting with this long format at the behest of several of you listeners and, believe it or not, a potential advertiser or two.  Let me know what you think about this in stead of my usual format (which was invented because of listener requests) by chatting with me through social media or emailing the show directly and prosepodcast@gmail.com.  Which brings me to my final message: if you’ve not yet followed the show on social media, please do so on any and all platforms under the name @prosepodcast.  The best way to really help the show, though, is leaving a rating and review iTunes (aka Apple podcasts) or on any podcast service.  Ratings and reviews are what help others find our little podcasting family.  For easiest access to the show, subscribe using iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or whatever podcast catcher is your favorite

Thanks for listening and for bracing yourself for all these new updates.  Let’s get to the tales, shall we?

This week we have “Where You Come From” and Ants of Fire: The Legend of Telo Parts XXIII and XXIV “Reinforcements” and “Shield”




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