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Hello, Prose listeners. Because I record as much as a month in advance, I’ve not been able to comment on the calls for justice going on in the US right now. It is most assuredly not my time to speak; therefore, I will post the all too often clipped “I Have a Dream Speech” by Martin Luther King, Junior in its entirety. Thank you to American Rhetoric for ensuring the world continues to have access to this shining example of humanity and a still powerful call for justice, a still necessary call for justice.


Though I’m rather late in doing so because of prerecording a month in advance, I would like to recommend some podcasts by black voices. 

Go listen to:

Black On The Air with Larry Wilmore

Code Switch from NPR

StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Be Heard Talk (formerly Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio) with Selena Hill

2 Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams

Still Processing with Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris


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