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Journey together through innumerable worlds of fiction with Prose, a weekly podcast series that offers up short stories of all genres and subject matters.


If you like fiction of all sorts with the occasional bit of poetry or verse thrown in for good measure, join us on our adventures through the labyrinths of the human psyche and the infinite spaces of the imagination.


Each episode consists of an introduction and three short audio narratives. New episodes of Prose are released weekly on Sundays.


If you like Prose please consider rating and reviewing it well on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or anywhere where podcasts are distributed.  You can also subscribe to Prose using the RSS Feed below, and you can follow Prose on Twitter at @prosepodcast and on Instagram at @prosepodcast.


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Jared I. Magee


Jared has been interested in stories his entire life.  The first stories he knew were tales told on the front porch of his grandparents’ house in rural Mississippi and rural Arkansas.  He grew up in Arkansas, where he earned degrees in English and History.  He taught English Literature, Composition, and Rhetoric courses for several different universities for over a decade before relocating to the wilds of northern Massachusetts where he now teaches and writes, produces, and builds all things Prose.

Other Projects from Jared I. Magee


In another life, Jared was a fun-loving musician that played with a pop-punk band called Spank. and even put out a few tracks on his own as a solo artist.  If you would like to access those projects please go check out all of his  and Spank.’s music at their Bandcamp page at spank-band.bandcamp.com!